Tender Financial Estimating Software



Aurora is designed for any business that charges out their labor. It's an easy-to-use tool that allows you to determine project cost, revenue, profit, expenses, demographics, and quickly create quotes for your customers. It's great for engineering, design, consulting firms, software development, IT service organizations, and more. 

  • Get instantaneous cost and profit results as you add resources.

  • Assign resources and expenses to work breakdown structure.

  • Report on discipline, WBS, and custom categories.

  • Export to Excel to create your own pivot table reports.

  • Sensitive resource information is encrypted.

  • Internet not required for use.


Requires macOS 10.13+



Quickly add resources and work breakdown activities to get instant profit and cost project financial results.



Stop suffering with human error when performing commercial calculations. Get the same accurate calculations every time with Aurora. 


improve margins

Adjust demographics to ensure the best quality work for the most profit. Change your commercial model on the fly in response to your customer or internal needs.



Adjust profit margins on individual expenses. Three commercial models to choose from: Markup %, Multiplier, and Lump Sum. Use both staff or contract workers as needed. 



Sensitive employee resource information is protected through identity encryption. Create password protected accounts with variable access restrictions.



Email support is provided. Support lasts for the duration of your subscription and includes any updated product releases that may occur during your subscription period.


"Aurora takes the stress out of your quote and proposal processes so you can serve your clients with ease."